Actually made from fired bricks. At the northern edge of Mayapan.

Going to Mexico City tomorrow and hope to visit the museum, then home Monday for a sunny day in Vancouver. I’ll still have some more posts to make- museum stuff. And some thoughts!



Very small (and hard to find) this site has the best example of a Chenes style in the Plaiscio Principal.

On the other side of the plaza is a two towered Temple. You would think that the two guys collecting admission would use the tree for firewood! There has only been about ten people there this month!



Driving south from Merida the terrain is flat limestone with a thin layer of soil. But as you head west a bit all of a sudden you can see some hills, low hills, filling the horizon. These are the Puuc hills, and their names has been given to a Maya style of architecture, Late Classic to Terminal. Lots of Mexican influence and big combs and lots of columns are an easy thing to spot. Uxmal is a big impressive site with lots of features. Very powerful during its hay day with relationship with the other big cities of its day. An elevated road ran all the way to Cobra some 100 kilometres.

The Pyramid of the Magician – massive base rivalling Chetumal

The Quadrangle of the Nuns

The Great Pyramid 

The House of the Doves

The Governors Palace

The Ball Court 

The Rotunda 

The Graveyard 



Very compact site. A couple of higher pyramids. The Maya admin centre for the northern lowlands in the late Postclassic ie. just before the Spanish arrived. The site has been extensively surveyed and excavated since 1939. A nine km. defensive wall circles the site. Think war!

The round building or Observatory 

Temple of Kukulkam. Top panorama was taken from there.